Self Portraits

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Self Portraits! Here are some simple self portraits that I’ve done of myself (lol). That’s what a portrait to me is. Simple. Classic. You.

Excuse the blur on some older images. I do not have the full resolution files anymore :(


These are my first.

I started when I went to Algonquin College. I borrowed a DSLR camera from the program and did some things in the studio and my dorm room.


After College.

About 6 months after I graduated I got my first digital camera. A Fujifine Pix A303. I had won a certificate (and a plaque) from Vistek at the program’s exhibition. It took me 3 months to decide on a camera. I loved that this one had a somewhat manual setting (exposure compensation) that really helped to create my early digital images (mainly did products/still life). You would never know this is what I used.


Most recent.