Ottawa in the fog

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Good morning everyone!

Last weekend I went to our nation capital! I had been too long since I visited.

Some of you may know that I lived in Ottawa and spent 4 semesters at Algonquin College in their photography program. So, Ottawa is extra special to me other than the obvious historical awesomeness and that it’s Canada’s capital.

I woke up early Saturday morning and when I saw the fog I was so excited that I just got dressed and ran outside with my camera. Since I was staying downtown at the Delta I could see how thick the fog was at he parliament buildings.

…and for those who REALLY know me, you know that fog is my favourite meteorological phenomena¬†followed by thunder storms and angry clouds.

I also visited Algonquin College on the Friday. I walked several areas, all very much the same except for the many new buildings and renovations.

Algonquin College 2016 © Greg Plante

Algonquin College 2016 ©