Why are sessions ‘mini’?

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Why 'mini' sessions? 2014 Windsor Ontario © Angela Roy Photography

Why ‘mini’ sessions? 2014 Windsor Ontario © Angela Roy Photography


Why are sessions ‘mini’? What is with this trend? Plus more information about my Mini Sessions

For myself there are a few reasons why I like mini sessions. Not just for the children, however for busy adults/families as well.


They’re quick. As I’ve said many times over the last ten plus years doing family portraits, children have a small window of attention. They get bored and restless. Parents can only bribe with treats and toys for so long.


You get a nice refresh update on your children’s growth that is economical because the cost is inexpensive & fair. They change very quickly so a lot of parents will have yearly family portraits for this reason. Before or during the shoot, you may upgrade to a package if you find you need prints, outfit changes, more poses, more time, have a large family. I will work with you on your budget if this is the case.


I don’t know about other photographers, however most of my mini sessions are themed for the current season like Back to School Student Sessions, Prom etc.. There are also the odd ball sessions like Onesies (one piece footed PJs).


My mini sessions are generally up to 30 minutes,  a few poses/locations within an area and approx 5-10 edited images in high and/or low resolution (for printing and sharing) on a CD or sent via E-mail. Some sessions include a free bonus like vignettes on the images, or a mini proof book for you to keep.


Many a la carte options are available for purchase such as postcards (including mail out service), CD, mini proof books, greeting cards and envelopes, coil bound books, photo gifts, gallery wrapped canvas and much more.

As with all session a 50% deposit is due on the day of booking and the remainder is due on the day of the session before it begins


Current Promotions can be viewed here along with links to galleries/blog posts to see past sessions.