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Bye bye 8″ of hair!

All for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. This programs provides real-hair wigs for women who are fighting cancer. As women we are very attached to our hair and care about how it looks. Can you imagine, not only having to fight cancer and go through treatments, the emotional and physical challenges that go along with that, but to also lose your hair? Like..ALL of it…

I’ve donated my hair twice before to Locks of Love. It takes a good 3 years to get my hair to the minimum length for donation. So I’m no stranger to this. I hope this wont be my last time, however you never know…grey hair is creeping in pretty fast….

All this was brought on by Maple Leaf Mommy (@MapleLeafMommy) when I saw her blog about donating her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. For every $100 she raised forĀ Canadian Cancer Society (feel free to donate) she cut off one inch. In the end she cut off 24″ of her hair!!!!!

Twitter hash tags #PonyItUp #HAIRity

February 20th, 2014 I went to see Cheryl (who has been cutting my chair since I was a child!!!) at Salon five eighty-six in Tecumseh on Tecumseh Rd. E. I wasn’t nervous at all. I kind of just wanted to get it done and over with because one reason my hair was so long is my professional skills at procrastination. Both Cheryl and I were exited during the whole process. I had her and another stylist take photos of the big show. It’s a small, however big deal to cut a lot of hair off.

It’s a relief. I wont be pulling it while I sweep the floor or toss and turn in bed anymore! I feel lighter, healthier, look younger and my hair is healthier and is bouncy. I will be growing my hair a few inches and if I can keep up on trimmings I will probably keep it there. In one year, we’ll see. If not, in three years I may be able to donate again.




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