Self Portraits

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Self Portraits! Here are some simple self portraits that I’ve done of myself (lol). That’s what a portrait to me is. Simple. Classic. You. Excuse the blur on some older images. I do not have the full resolution files anymore :(   These are my first. I started when I went to Algonquin College. I borrowed a DSLR camera from the program and did some things in the studio and my dorm room.   After College. About 6 months after I graduated I got my first digital camera. A Fujifine Pix A303. I had won...

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Valentine Day Portraits

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Hello! I shot some Valentine portraits. Here is one example. I offer a Valentine Card Portrait Package every year for your child to hand out to loved ones and classmates. They’re a lovely personal gift for anyone. The back will have a “To/From” area or you can have a postcard back for mailing. If you missed out on this years package opportunity, please inquire about booking an appointment for next year...

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Remake of a well known Image

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I had a hard time giving this a proper title. So, a friend of mine asked me to shoot this photo.  He wanted something similar to the Adam Levine nude image that was on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK with the girl hands covering his private area. This is definitely one of my favourite images. It was a fun easy shoot in the Imaginative Imaging studio and after minor touch ups in Adobe Photoshop I feel I made a flawless image we are all excited about. I included a test shot, and with Sarah the hand model. Remaking your own version of a theme or photo is a lot of fun. You can create brain...

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A lost Fashion session from 2012!

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Hello everyone! I’m excited to bring you a lost session of fashion photos. I was browsing through 2013 images and thought I would do the same for 2012 to see if I had missed anything…and of course I did. Something I completely forgot about :) Here we have Sarah and Colin, a couple friends of mine who you probably recognize from other sessions like Priced Green with Sarah and my version of the Adam Levine nude photo with Colin (and Sarah’s hands) on the fashion page and the blog HERE.   ...

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(WARNING 18+ NUDITY) Sarah & Christian in Creative Fishnet Shoot

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I while back I saw an image that immediately sparked this one. All I saw in my mind was women in fishnet stockings, facing the camera with a guy in his boxers, back to the camera, with her hand on his underside visible at the front. So, off to a special store I go for the ‘thneed’ (fishnet stocking suit) to dress Ms. Hottie Sarah in. If you ever saw one of these things right out of the packaging you would know why we called it that. Then to grab the boxers for Mr. Handsome Christian. We borrowed the studio for an afternoon of fun and shooting. Thank you for willing and shameless...

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Ca$h for Clothe$ modeled by Sarah

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Summer 2012 Sarah and I grabbed some clothing from Ca$h for Clothes (Facebook) on Wyandotte St. East. We went to the Imaginative Imaging studio, and the Forest Glade Skate Park for a fun shoot. At Ca$h for Clothes you sell clothing/accessories, & you can buy quality clothing for $5 a piece! ...

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