Why are sessions ‘mini’?

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  Why are sessions ‘mini’? What is with this trend? Plus more information about my Mini Sessions For myself there are a few reasons why I like mini sessions. Not just for the children, however for busy adults/families as well.   They’re quick. As I’ve said many times over the last ten plus years doing family portraits, children have a small window of attention. They get bored and restless. Parents can only bribe with treats and toys for so long.   You get a nice refresh update on your children’s growth that is economical because the cost is...

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Imagine – Plan – Shoot

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You have a wicked concept for an editorial or creative shoot with a model. How do you start?   First, I take the general idea (in my case ballerina with balloons) and brainstorm lighting and moods I can create indoor and outdoor. I also ALWAYS collaborate with the model, makeup artists and hair stylists involved. It’s funner that way.   I imagined the ballerina at various locations like water, desert, mountain, deserted buildings, sky…yes sky. They jump right?   Don’t forget costumes, hair and makeup!   There’s also props to consider..these are fun...

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