Who I Am

“A   f a s c I n a t I o n   f o r   b e a u t y  b o t h   o b v I o u s   a n d   o v e r l o o k e d”

Angela’s ­­pursuit of photography began with a high school class and thoughts of her grandfather, Frank Balind, as a war-time photographer.  Over time, capturing images became a mutual passion the two would share.  She would go on to attend Algonquin College in Ottawa to formally study photography.  The surrounding beauty of our nation’s capital, mingled with the adventure of being away from home, were the perfect catalysts for creativity, experimentation and development of a budding photographer.


Since completing her studies in 2003, Angela has been photographing fashion, commercial, editorial and abstract works between Windsor and Toronto.


Visual Appetite is both a celebration of her past works and a spring board to move forward with her future plans.


Her plans for the future are to fully immerse herself into photography as a profession.  Currently working in retail fashion, Angela’s job gives her great insight into and appreciation of the style, habits and moods of people.  She feels this experience and “time” is giving her the tools to move forward with her career in professional photography.


Angela is in the process of planning a photographic trip into the province of Quebec, where, armed with her camera, imagination and sense of adventure, she will document the history, style, architecture and way of life of the French Canadian culture.


Best Regards,