Imagine – Plan – Shoot

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You have a wicked concept for an editorial or creative shoot with a model. How do you start?


First, I take the general idea (in my case ballerina with balloons) and brainstorm lighting and moods I can create indoor and outdoor. I also ALWAYS collaborate with the model, makeup artists and hair stylists involved. It’s funner that way.


I imagined the ballerina at various locations like water, desert, mountain, deserted buildings, sky…yes sky. They jump right?


Don’t forget costumes, hair and makeup!


There’s also props to consider..these are fun and make the images more appealing (I love the dollar store)!……enter balloons. Shapes, colours, some helium some oxygen (happy vs sad balloons)


I write these down and then I draw pictures (usually)….and write them down again with the images. They may not make sense to you however I know what I see! Excuse my lack of boyfriend is the one in the relationship who has them.



What always happens is, I do my ideas however while shooting ‘I’m very go with the flow’ as I always say. Images pop into my head as I shoot or look around. I play with the lighting, and camera settings.


At this point I’m not even thinking about post (processing)! I see what I want in my head however I worry about editing when I get there.


There’s so much to think about and put together and it’s fantastic to work with models who are dedicated to their craft and are willing to change their clothes in public or the back of my car….Sarah, Hailey, Kailey, Sonya to name a few!


And it’s fun to compare the drawings with the finished product.


Thank you for reading!! I shoot my ballerina in Windsor this Saturday! I’M SO EXCITED!!!


–Angela Roy